This is something I wrote a couple of years ago that’s still immensely useful. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on it, so I’m republishing it here so that it might help a few more people.


I have two custom OmniFocus perspectives that make the application indispensable (as if it weren’t already).


I have three folders that I sort my projects into: Home, Personal, and Work. I also have a perspective called Work, but rather than aggregate all of my projects or even all of my next actions, this perspective shows me a combination of flagged and due items that live in my Work folder.

At the end of the week during my weekly review, I flag important items and set due dates on tasks that have deadlines. When I walk in on Monday, Work shows me where to start and serves as my to-do list throughout the week.


This view is absolutely necessary if your job involves having to do things like fill out a status report at the end of the week. It shows you every task you’ve completed in the last day, week, month, and six months. It’s perfect if a client or co-worker needs to know when you finished a task or project (or if you’re just plain forgetful).

I’ve set this perspective to open in a new window so I can scroll through it quickly, get what I need, and dismiss it without abandoning whatever I might already have open in OmniFocus. On the iPad, Done shows everything broken down day-by-day, which is great if you need that kind of granularity.

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