I’ve put together a handy workflow for Editorial. It uses the thesaurus API made by Big Huge Labs to present you with a list of synonyms. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a word and launch the workflow. If no word is selected, you’ll be prompted to enter a word; enter a word and tap OK.
  2. A popover appears with your list of synonyms. The list displays the part of speech next to each synonym as well.
  3. Tap a word in the popover. If you selected a word in step 1, it will be replaced by the synonym you selected. If no word was selected, the synonym will be placed into your document wherever the cursor was last positioned.

The workflow also guards against accidentally entering phrases, and it tries to preserve capitalization.

You can use the workflow as-is, but I would recommend getting your own API key and swapping it out for the one that’s included in the workflow’s Python script.

Happy word-smithing.