Safari for iOS 7 brought with it a lot of changes, but the one I’ve enjoyed the most is the new bookmark view that’s displayed in empty tabs and when tapping the address bar.


I’ve come to think of it as a custom share panel thanks to a handful of bookmarklets that take advantage of the URL schemes built into some of the apps I use.

By default, Safari displays the bookmarks stored in same folder as the one used by the Favorites Bar on your Mac. It’s a smart default, but if you’re using it the way I’ve been, you end up with a lot of iOS-specific bookmarks displayed constantly on your Mac, and the Favorites Bar can get cluttered quickly.

There’s a solution, though. You can tell Safari on iOS to display the contents of a different folder full of bookmarks. Open Settings, tap Safari, and tap Favorites. Then, select which folder you want to use. I’ve creatively named mine iOS.


Now you’ve got an awesome custom share panel on iOS and a clean Favorites Bar on your Mac.

And for those who are interested, I’ve thrown the bookmarklets I’ve been using into a Gist: