The little app I’ve been working on is proving to be more interesting than I originally envisioned. I wanted something to help with blogging, but once I built in full support for x-callback-url, I found a few more uses for Plink.

[vimeo 89343665 w=500 h=281]

The above video shows how you might use private photo storage and Day One’s new Publish feature to take on a 365 project.1

Launch Center Pro calls Plink and passes an x-success URL that tells Plink to hand the URL of the uploaded image off to Drafts. Drafts calls an action on itself, which generates a Daily Photo journal entry from a template using the URL passed in from Plink. Once the template is assembled, it’s handed off to Day One, and my journal entry is complete.

Plink’s role is to be as close to invisible as possible, and I think it does its job admirably.

I really want to see what other stuff people can do with Plink. The Backer campaign has a little over a week to go, and we’re pretty far short of our goal. If you think Plink looks like a useful app, we’d really appreciate it if you’d consider kicking in a few bucks or helping us spread the word on Twitter or Thanks. <3

  1. A 365 project, for those who don’t know, involves taking a photo a day and sharing it with people.