Like Pastebot, Command-C lets you send the contents of your clipboard back and forth between your Mac and iPhone. You can also use it to send stuff between your iPhone and iPad. Best of all, it supports x-callback-url, which means you can use it with Launch Center Pro.

Here’s the Launch Center Pro action I use to quickly toss my clipboard to another device. Instead of having a separate action for each device, it lets me choose the target device from a list.

command-c://x-callback-url/copy?deviceName=[list:Choose Device|Mac=bluepolicebox|iPad=MiniMe]&x-source=Launch%20Pro&x-success={{launchpro://}}

Install this action. (Be sure to update the device names to match your own.)

I have a separate action that let’s me send freeform text to another device as well:

command-c://x-callback-url/copyText?deviceName=[list:Choose Device|Mac=bluepolicebox|iPad=MiniMe]&x-source=Launch%20Pro&x-success={{launchpro://}}&text=[prompt-return:Text to Send]

Install this action. (Again, be sure to update the device names to match your own.)

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