The only advertising that both reaches my ears and affects my buying decisions these days comes by way of podcasts. Though I do tend to skip over most ads, sometimes one or two get through. Given the ridiculous number of spots they’ve purchased in recent weeks, it’s unsurprising that one of those ads would be for Harry’s.

I’m glad this ad got through.

About a week ago, I ran out of blades for my Gillette Fusion razor. That, combined with a growing disdain for the shaving lotion I was using, led me to give Harry’s a look. Using a promo code from the Accidental Tech Podcast, I managed to get a new handle, three blades, shaving lotion, and aftershave for a whopping $20.

Four replacement blades for my Fusion–just the blades–would have cost $16.50, so even if this new shaving kit was barely as good as the Gillette stuff I’d been using, I’d come out ahead.

The kit arrived yesterday. I’d heard the packaging was quite attractive, and it is. Some have compared it to an Apple product; I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s nice.

The handle has a nice heft to it. The cartridges seem less complicated compared to Gillette’s, but they still boast 5 blades per cartridge. The shaving lotion has a nice earthy smell; however, the after-shave has a somewhat generic manly man smell to it that’s a bit too perfumey for my tastes.

I have very sensitive skin, and every razor and lotion/cream combination I’ve tried–stuff ranging from Neutrogena to Kiehl’s– has left me bleeding from two specific spots on my neck. I came away from this morning’s shave without shedding a drop. That’s a huge win. I also had less irritation than normal afterward.

I was also surprised to find that the aftershave wasn’t nearly as pungent as I’d expected. The initial punchiness wore off quickly, and I noticed that the smell changed quite a bit after it was applied to my skin (my daughter says it smelled like berries, but she thinks everything that smells nice smells like berries). It was far less offensive than I thought it would be, but I’d still prefer something a little more neutral or scent-free. That said, it did a number on my pores. My skin hasn’t felt this soft in quite a while.

I’d be satisfied with this kit if it had cost $50. The fact that I got it for $20 seems like a steal. I’d definitely recommend giving Harry’s a shot.

In fact, I hope the company sticks around for a long time, and (given the quality of their creams and lotions) I’m hopeful they’ll branch out into other grooming products as well.