I met Scott Williams and Sam Davies through various Internet channels. We’re all fans of the 5by5 podcast network and some of its shows, and we initially became friends while chatting about podcasts on Twitter, App.net, and the 5by5 chat room.

After getting to know Scott and Sam, I found out that our similarities didn’t end at a shared love of Back to Work. We’re the same age, we appreciate much of the same popular culture, we work from home, and we’re all three participating in the raising of two daughters. We’re also very concerned about the challenges of raising strong women in a world where they’re encouraged to be anything but.

So, naturally, we started a podcast.

It’s called Front to Back. The first episode is up now, and we just recorded the second (which we’re really happy with). It’ll go up soonish. We’re planning to record every other week just to see how things go.

I’m pretty excited about this and hope you’ll give it a listen.