A few more notes about the iPhone 6 Plus

The more I use the 6 Plus, the more I like it. Here are a few more observations:

  • It’s easy to somehow flip the mute switch off when taking it out of your pocket.
  • The speaker is fantastic. It has a bit more bass than the one in the 6, which makes it really nice for listening to podcasts.
  • The click of the home button is really squishy and muted. This is likely specific to my phone.
  • Still haven’t dropped it.
  • It doesn’t feel like there’s anything covering the screen. It feels closer to the surface of the device than ever.
  • On average, my phone is unplugged for 14 to 15 hours a day and still has roughly 30% of its battery left by bedtime.
  • Almost none of the apps on my home screen support landscape mode, which is pretty jarring given that the springboard does and will rotate your icons and dock accordingly.
  • I carry my phone upside-down in my front left pocket. Sometimes, when I unlock the phone, the springboard is upside-down and takes a second to rotate back to normal.
  • I have started to notice apps reloading more frequently than they did on my 5 and 6. It’s not terrible, as the 6 Plus is really fast, so apps relaunch quickly. Still, another gigabyte of RAM wouldn’t hurt.