More Bugs

Since my last post about moving to the iPhone 6 Plus, two major bugs have appeared. One is new, and one is a recurring thorn in my side.

Reminders stopped syncing


This problem has been happening off and on (mostly on) for years. After setting up my new phone without restoring from a backup, everything worked perfectly, which was heartening. About two weeks ago, that changed. Shared lists stopped updating between my iPhone, my Mac, and my wife’s phone. I had to log out of iCloud on my phone, log back in, and set everything back up to get Reminders to work right again. I’ve given up using it on my Mac, as it’s simply unreliable.

Terrible? No. But it’s pretty damned annoying.

Apple Pay lost all my cards and deactivated itself

I’ve tried to use Apple Pay twice over the last two weeks only to end up staring blankly at my phone while holding up the line and frustrating my cashier. Tonight, after it failed again, I checked Passbook out of curiosity. None of my cards are there. I had entered four. Apple Pay was disabled altogether, and I don’t know why.

Again, terrible? No. But also pretty damned annoying.