Here’s my no-nonsense review.

I was hopeful, but the ads take up too much space in the stream. They’re just disruptive enough to make reading unenjoyable. Banished the app to a folder.

Update: I don’t think I gave this app a fair shake. I reset my favorites and added a new set, and so far I’m happy with the outcome. Haven’t seen an ad yet, either. I’m going to stick with News for a while to see how it works out.

Winner! I like it. Would love a dark mode, but that’s unlikely to happen. It’s replaced Evernote for me.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to upgrade the storage method Apple uses when you start using it, which breaks compatibility with Yosemite, so I’m now installing the GM of El Capitan on my Mac.

San Francisco Font

Like the city it’s named after, people think far too highly of it. Kerning is too tight for my liking. The number 4 looks like a capital A at a glance. The majority of people won’t notice the change.


The lower-case keys keep throwing me off. The animation between lower and uppercase (and vice versa) is distracting. I find myself staring at the keyboard while I’m typing instead of the text area where the letters are appearing.

Update: a friend on pointed out that you can disable the lowercase keys in Settings. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Keyboard and toggle Show Lowercase Keys off.


Two ways to access Spotlight is confusing.

Siri Suggestions

I turned them off because you can’t customize the suggestions and it was showing me news articles about Donald Trump.

App Switcher

Not only did they reverse the swipe direction used to move between apps, but the cards take longer to render on my 6 Plus, and everything but the front most card is a tough touch target. This is a step backward.

Content Blockers

This is the only reason to upgrade. Safari loads pages ridiculously fast now. I no longer dread having to browse the open web on my phone. I hope these get so much attention that even normal users install them in droves. Realistically, I’m betting we’ll all be installing these on the phones of family members this holiday season.

iCloud Drive App

I hate that this is buried in Settings and has to be manually enabled. It’s a good and necessary app for anyone who really wants to use iCloud Drive. Enable it by going to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Show on Home Screen.

Update: At least one person has told me they were prompted to install the iCloud Drive app during the iOS 9 installation process. Not sure why this didn’t show up for me.

New iCloud Pricing

Tangentially related, but Apple dropped the price of iCloud storage. You may not need to spend as much per month if you were previously on the $3.99/200 GB plan. I was able to downgrade to the $0.99/50 GB plan. This is a welcome change.

Everything Else

Meh. Hope it’s stable.