Coffee Logging

Coffee Logging

This started a long time ago as a Launch Center Pro action that was posted by Ben Tsai. I wrote an explanation of the original action here. And I tweaked the coffee log action to work for beer journaling. I even wrote a web app to help folks who wanted to build custom templates encode their LCP actions.

This was over two years ago.

Since then, I’ve largely abandoned Launch Center Pro in favor of Workflow, which is far more powerful.

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It’s a damned shame that iPad sales keep falling. As a platform, it’s definitely stagnated. There are many reasons why, but the hardware can’t be counted among them. The iPad Pro 9.7" is a very powerful device. It’s fast becoming my favorite computer for doing everything that isn’t work.

I hope Apple has some interesting news at WWDC this year, because if things continue on this trajectory, the iPad’s future looks pretty grim.

Apple Music Recommendations. Not “for Me”

How does the algorithm not take into account when the user specifically says, “please don’t show me this again”?

Simple. There is no algorithm, and the suggestions are created by what’s popular globally. I’m not saying that’s how they do it, but it looks like that’s how they’re doing it.

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Picking Apart Apple’s Q2 2016 Numbers

But the way it’s phrased here is that shareholders come first, and Apple’s entire R&D strategy revolves around them. I sincerely hope this is just poorly articulated, because if it’s taken at face value, it’s deeply concerning.

I agree–the way this was phrased indicates a big change in the way Apple thinks about developing products, and it’s not a positive development if you’re in the user category (as opposed to the shareholder category).

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Look at phone. See new mail notification. Open Airmail. No mail. Refresh mail. No mail. Quit Airmail, force-quit the app. Re-open Airmail. No mail.

Open new mail! Back to Airmail. No mail.

The Trouble With Cross Posting – Unregrettable

With so much out of control negativity and lack of author control on Twitter and Facebook, it feels like there is an opening for something like micro-blogs to augment existing platforms in a positive way.

I want to build a microblogging app in the worst way right now, but I can’t figure out how to make it a profitable endeavor.

Related: this new blog of mine is heavily inspired by what Manton and Jon are doing. More of us should strive to own the content we put online.

Stuff I Like for 2016-04-10

Copied for iOS and Mac

It’s a clipboard manager, but it’s much more than that. A few people pointed out this app to me recently, but this article at MacDrifter really grabbed my attention. Somehow, even the custom iOS keyboard doesn’t suck. Very happy with this app.

Hydro Flask Water Bottles

I’ve used a lot of water bottles, but none of them are as good as Hydro Flask’s. It keeps drinks cold for a shockingly long time without being bulky or heavy. The 21 ounce size is perfect, and it comes in orange, which is extra pleasing.

I wouldn’t be able to write this blog without it, and I’ve rewritten all of my remaining Launch Center Pro actions in Workflow. It’s fantastic and powerful. For more info on publishing to WordPress with Workflow, look here.

I spent some time today playing around with Drafts and Workflow on iOS as a publishing system for this blog. So far, so good!

I still can’t believe Workflow was approved by Apple.