Coffee Logging

This started a long time ago as a Launch Center Pro action that was posted by Ben Tsai. I wrote an explanation of the original action here. And I tweaked the coffee log action to work for beer journaling. I even wrote a web app to help folks who wanted to build custom templates encode their LCP actions.

This was over two years ago.

Since then, I’ve largely abandoned Launch Center Pro in favor of Workflow, which is far more powerful.

If you have Workflow installed on your iOS device, you can install my updated Coffee Log workflow by clicking here. This prompts you to enter the following information about your coffee:

  • Origin/Name
  • Roaster
  • Star rating (0 to 3)
  • Brew method (AeroPress, drip, etc.)
  • Who brewed it
  • Tasting notes

Note that this expects you to be using Day One 2, which allows for multiple journals. It also expects that you have a journal named Coffee. You can tweak these settings by changing the Create Day One Entry part of the workflow.

Bonus! Here’s the workflow I use for beer journaling. It asks for the beer name, style, brewery, ABV, IBUs, star rating, and tasting notes. This one also expects Day One 2 with a journal named Beer, but you can tweak this as well.