If I unfollowed you today, don’t freak out. It’s not you. I unfollowed everyone on Twitter and removed Tweetbot from my devices. I’ve left my account open as a way to cross-post content from my website, but I don’t plan to log in again.

I don’t want to belabor the why, because who cares? Maybe it’s a consequence of getting older or being too busy. Maybe it’s that the service itself has become less useful. It’s at least partially because Twitter brings out the worst in people, and I’ve grown tired of the negativity. It’s not a fun place anymore. I no longer get anything out of being there, and I’d rather hang out with my family in real life.

I’m planning to post here more often, so feel free to throw my RSS feed into the aggregator of your choice. And if you have your own blog, send me a link to it, and I’ll do the same. Should you need to reach me, email is always a good option (or Slack or iMessage if those are available to you). Cheers.