Article about how to fix bad file encodings had bad characters in its comments section.

Thatรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs just awful!

Youngest child now diagnosed with “the beginnings of pneumonia.”


A Cry for Help: Some Children’s App Publishers Are Getting “App Fatigue”

From Children’s Technology Review:

โ€œIt just might beโ€โ€ˆsaid Toca Boca leader Bjรถrn Jefferey, โ€œthat there is no viable business model.โ€โ€ˆJefferey was referring specifically to the creation and distribution of high quality, paid apps, with no advertising, subscriptions or IAPโ€ˆ(In App Purchases). Jefferey backed up his comment with references to some industry statistics and the fact that he had just spend the past 12 months looking for a new corporate home for his acclaimed studio (Toca Boca/Sago Mini is now part of Spin Master Toys).

Depressing. My kids really love some of the Sago Mini games. I had no idea that they had sold their business to a conglomerate.