Parents with PTSD: Logan is a good movie and will either trigger the hell out of you or help you cope. For me, it’s been both.

I handed our 5-year-old the controller, and she started running around in Zelda like she’s been doing it her whole life.

There are at least half a dozen places in Breath of the Wild that I would like to make my forever-home.

Making vegetarian tacos while listening to Danzig-era Misfits. Salutations, haters.

Insomnia sucks, but this thunderstorm is putting on one helluva light show.

Can someone explain why the Klingons look the way they do in Discovery? That’s 10 years prior to TOS. Doesn’t make sense.

Okay, nerds: best cyberpunk novel? Of all time? Of the last 5 years? GO!

Am I the only person who responds to people saying, “Let’s get out of here,” with, “Word to your mother?”