Can someone explain why the Klingons look the way they do in Discovery? That’s 10 years prior to TOS. Doesn’t make sense.

Okay, nerds: best cyberpunk novel? Of all time? Of the last 5 years? GO!

2-year-old is embracing the terrible two-ness. Trump’s leaking secrets like a sieve. My gray hairs are multiplying. Monday.

Am I the only person who responds to people saying, “Let’s get out of here,” with, “Word to your mother?”

Trying to find someone to paint our house has officially become more difficult than buying the house itself.

Oh how I wish I could disable AMP when using Google and Google News. If I want to share an article, I want it to go to the source, not some Google-framed page. Framing other site’s content used to get you dragged out into the public square and beaten with clubs.