I felt clever for a second regarding the whole FCC thing. I use a VPN, so my ISP can cram it with walnuts.

Then I realized they could just block access to my VPN provider, which would suck and would ALSO be a huge privacy concern.

Now would be a great time for Apple to use some of their billions of dollars to build an ISP with privacy and openness as primary features.

I’ve been married for 15 years, and I feel like I’m just getting good at the emotional labor thing (despite trying for a long time). It’s pretty great once you figure it out.

(n.b. I still suck at it, I think.)

It’s probably a bad sign if your iPhone gets SUPER hot in the top right corner under normal use, huh?

Life hack: when you think about asking your significant other, “What should we do about [dinner, a holiday, free time on a weekend, etc.]?” STOP. Figure it out, plan it, and present it as an option.

Actually, it’s not a life hack. It’s emotional labor. Do it.