Pardon my cynicism, but shouting IT’S NOT OVER doesn’t get my hopes up after a full year of lots of shit becoming definitely over.

Pro tip: don’t go to lunch at a place near a movie theater.

Anyway, those guys are dead now and I’m still mostly spoiler-free.

Not interested in that $13k iMac Pro until someone benchmarks it while also running Slack.

TFW eating a bowl of Cup-a-Soup requires about the same level of exertion as deadlifting 500 pounds because stomach flu.

Last time she got sick, she wrecked her bed, and we had to throw out a bean bag chair. So…yeah, big win.

And that was less than a month ago.

BOO: Kid threw up.
YAY: In the toilet.

After the day I’ve had, I’ll take this win.

TFW you seriously injured your toe, but you’re too afraid to take your sock off to see the damage.