Encrypt.me has become so utterly flaky on iOS that it’s borderline useless.

Anyone have a suggestion for a good alternative that also has Mac support?

A Kickstarter project that I backed for $150 in early 2013 never shipped it’s product. Four years late to market and after total silence from the company, they’re finally issuing refunds.

This one project is why I no longer back Kickstarter projects.

Mother-in-law came to visit and brought us a care package from Trader Joe’s. 😍😍😍

My wife and I have decided that, if we make any money off the GOP’s tax plan, we’re going to donate it all to social programs in our area so that people who need the money will get it.

I had burnt ends for the first time today and I’m pretty sure it’s all I ever want to eat again.

Pardon my cynicism, but shouting IT’S NOT OVER doesn’t get my hopes up after a full year of lots of shit becoming definitely over.

Pro tip: don’t go to lunch at a place near a movie theater.

Anyway, those guys are dead now and I’m still mostly spoiler-free.

Not interested in that $13k iMac Pro until someone benchmarks it while also running Slack.

TFW eating a bowl of Cup-a-Soup requires about the same level of exertion as deadlifting 500 pounds because stomach flu.