Dude clearing glasses at the airport bar just told a guy, “Chairs aren’t for bags. Just asses.”


I told my kids that there’s a blood moon tonight, and now my youngest is terrified because she thinks it’s the same as the blood moon in Zelda.


My Mac disconnects my AirPods when it tries to speak to my Watch for Apple Pay confirmation. LOL nice job, Apple.

For Micro Monday, I’ll nominate my friend @nahumck because I want him to post more.

Sure would be swell if my iPhone would stop aggressively removing books and photos from my device even when it has plenty of free space to store them.

Took a family trip to the library today. Everyone left with brand new library cards. Our oldest checked out three books on sea life, including a book on lampreys. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻