The 5-year-old looked at my phone over my shoulder and started reading my text messages. 🤯

Some parents have a hard time getting their kids to try new foods. I just struggled to get my kids to watch a new movie. But they’re now thoroughly enjoying Kiki’s Delivery Service.

TIL that Bob Destepello from Grosse Pointe Blank is Abraham from The Walking Dead.

My 5-year-old daughter knew something that I didn’t. 🤯

She and her mom have been reading Little House in the Big Woods, which discusses sugar snow. Never heard of it before.

Are there any WordPress themes that don’t feature ginormous header images? Are there any that don’t focus on each post having photography attached to it? Yeesh. All themes pretty much look the same these days. I just want to post words.

It’s above freezing outside and I just heard birds chirping. I may not have to put on three layers to go outside today. Weird.

I think I’m done with having lots of accounts and dealing with content silos. Gonna beef up the NAS and download everything. Nuts to this.

Smart Home Is a Home That’s Always Spying on You

Om Malik:

I for one, refuse to use Alexa and Google Home in my apartment. I don’t trust them, much like I don’t trust Facebook. Apple seems to be doing a good job of keeping its nose clean, but who knows when they come under pressure from “activist” investors.

I can’t even trust Apple on this. My wife and I debated buying a HomePod, and we ultimately decided that no smart devices like this should ever be in our home. It’s a bit tinfoil-hat, but imagine the fun a government could have with these things. Tracking down illegal immigrants and dissidents could be as simple as tuning into a home’s always-on audio stream. No thanks.