Very intrigued by’s new podcasting feature. I want to start one, but I have no idea what I’d talk about.

Is it possible that people have finally had enough of Twitter’s shenanigans?

Lots of activity on today! Glad to see the uptick. Hope the traffic isn’t causing @manton too many headaches. 😅

My oldest daughter is on her way to the local planetarium today for her first ever field trip, and I couldn’t be more jealous.

Just deployed a client’s development WordPress site to production.

That’s never not stressful.

The best part? My computer had plenty of RAM available.

I similarly get messages about once a week that I’m nearly out of disk space, but I have 60 GB available.

High Sierra. Like, super-high. Like, ate-a-whole-pan-of-special-brownies-high.

Woke up my laptop to find this. Just another day as a modern macOS user.

Based on a request, I’ve removed the ADN account requirement for adding yourself to ADN Finder. You can now add yourself even if you never used ADN.

Guess it kinda needs a new name now, huh?