I went back on Twitter for a few days and whoooooooo boy was that a mistake. I miss my friends there, but the anxiety and stress caused by simply following my timeline was untenable. I don’t even follow that many people.

Today, I simultaneously played Candyland with one kid and Go Fish with the other.

Delaying a flight because you don’t have a crew is a pretty comical logistics fuckup.

Apologies to all my friends I texted at improper hours because I was on the west coast.

“You’ve done this before!”

TSA screener was impressed with my preparedness.

I’ve only done this once before.


SOCK SAGA, INSTALLMENT 2: Folks on Micro.blog and Reddit has told me to send my socks back for a replacement set. Apparently this isn’t a thing other people have experienced. Weird! I’ve had over half a dozen pairs of wool socks die the same way. Starting to think it’s my feet.