Bought a pair of Darn Tough merino socks as a test. I haven’t worn them that often, and I’ve babied them (hand washing in a tub with Dr. Bronner’s, hanging to dry). I have a spot going threadbare under the ball of my left foot. LIFETIME WARRANTY TIME.

Wanna see my impression of work over the last month?


One day, I’m gonna go to WWDC. Even if I’m just a lowly web API programmer and not an iOS developer. πŸ˜›

I was at the first GitHub CodeConf back in 2011. Inadvertently had lunch with Gina Trapani, Chris Wanstrath, and Leah Culver. Sat next to Mislav Marohnić and Ryan Dahl. Watched Jeremy Ashkenas give a talk about CoffeeScript. Never thought about Microsoft once.

I’m actually kinda pumped about the stuff announced at WWDC today. I went in without any expectations. Didn’t even realize there was a keynote until last night.

Just removed all my private repos and downgraded to the free plan on GitHub. Whee!

Her: “What are you listening to?”
Me: β€œβ€¦uh, nothing.”
Her: β€œIt…it sounds like hair bands. Are you listening to a hair band?”
Me: β€œNo!”
Her: β€œIt sounds like Journey!”
Me: β€œIt’s not fucking Journey!”
Her: β€œ…”
Me: “We agreed on no Steve Perry psych-outs.”

Shows and movies that involve ghosts never take anarchists or nihilists into account. β€œBurn the house down!” is a perfect reaction in most of these situations.

A band I like has a new album coming out tomorrow.

No getting up early, no heading to the record store, no hoping that I can snag one of the 50 copies that the store received.

Just open up Apple Music and bam, there it is.

What a time to be alive.