If your backpack looks like a Samsonite suitcase with straps, you made a mistake designing your backpack.

“What does your dad do for a job?”

“He stares at a black screen with some words on it and looks kinda mad.”

Poltergeist randomly crashes when I run the full rspec suite on this app. Upgrading Poltergeist makes the crashing stop. It also causes half of the tests that were passing to fail.

♫ Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to computer ♬

Okay. I’m done with summer. That’s enough now. Actually, it was enough four weeks ago, but I’m a generous guy. Please someone destroy the sun.

Today I paid $35 for rocks. Big slabs of limestone to make a path through our front flowerbed. $35. For rocks. Feels weird. Owning a home is weird.

It’s 40° cooler in one of my favorite places in America right now than it is where I’m standing.