Friday 29th of November 2019

Doing that holiday thing where I’m so not used to having down time that I can’t think of anything to do so I just sit and stare at my phone like a dummy.

After rearranging my backpack three times.

Apple Bows to Pressure and Lists Crimea as Part of Russia in Maps


Earlier today, Moscow-based BBC journalist Will Vernon noticed that Apple appears to have quietly ceded to Russia’s stance on Crimea by redrawing national borders on the Russian version of its Maps app and labeling the region as “Russia.”

I don’t want to be compared to those conservative nuts that blew up their Yeti coolers in a fit of perceived betrayal, but between this and Tim Cook cozying up to Trump in exchange for tariff exemptions, I’m getting close to planning a move away from Apple’s hardware and ecosystem if they don’t change course soon.