COVID-19, Day 3

The city finally closed the schools today. The state, unsurprisingly, hasn’t done anything, so the city had to pick up the slack. It’s worth noting that our state is blood red, but our city is very blue.

The shutdown starts Wednesday and runs through mid-April. It’s a relief that they’re finally acting, but it’s also harrowing when I consider how hard it is to get work done when we have, say, a couple of consecutive snow days. This is that times a million. Adulting on Nightmare mode.

But we’ve planned. And planned. And re-planned our plans. We have a 3-week lesson plan drawn up for the kids and a daily schedule that mimics what they might do at school. We started it today, and it’s working well so far.

I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the news without overwhelming myself. I know it’s not strictly necessary to know every little detail, but some part of me feels like it’s my responsibility to know what’s going on. The situation keeps changing. Until things settle down, I suspect I’ll be glued to a news feed of one form or another. It’s really hard to look away from the stock market graph when it’s plummeting.

A couple of friends and I have decided to have a drink over FaceTime tonight. Looking forward to it.