COVID-19, Day 4

The kids are much happier today. Not a single tear or argument so far. Success!

The schools close tomorrow. They want us to drive to the school and pick up paperwork describing the kids' lessons over the next 3.5 weeks. I'm inclined to tell them to stuff it. There's no reason they couldn't deliver it electronically. Asking people to show up in person is exceedingly stupid.

Drinks via FaceTime with friends last night was great and made us wonder why we don't do it more often. I suspect lots of people are wondering the same thing as they try to connect with friends and family in similar ways.

I feel like I've crossed over from preparation mode into something else. I feel unmoored. Waiting for the hammer to drop. Always tired. Disturbed sleep. Staring aimlessly into the fridge like I expect The Answer to be there.

No Answer. Just snacks. Maybe that's enough for now.