We got a packet of information from our oldest’s school today including lessons for the next couple of weeks. The class’s teacher is working her ass off to help us parents while the kids are out. The effort is Herculean. I have immense respect for her.

While reading the news, I came across this tweet:

the online ammunition retailer ammo dot com appears to be completely sold out of everything right down to 22LR. in my neighborhood retailers were out of most varieties of rifle ammo as well as all buckshot as early as last weekend. I have heard that 9mm ammo is locally sold out

So I dove into the thread. Which reminded me of this tweet from a couple days ago that included this image:

Los Angeles Gun Shop

And then there’s this tweet about a hospital being looted for medical equipment.

People are hoarding ammo and weapons, breaking into medical facilities. Unchecked fear and aggression. It’s hard not to feel anxious seeing things like this. Living in a deep red state where people believe that might makes right, it’s easy to envision a future where supplies and necessities are taken by force from the unarmed. And we are unarmed. I refuse to have firearms in my house. Maybe this will prove naive. Hopefully we won’t have to find out.

On a positive note, I’ve been heartened by the ways that people are coming together to help each other out online. Our kids have enjoyed Wendy McNaughton’s daily drawing class for kids on Instagram Live to such a degree that I can’t even articulate it. The way they respond to her is indescribable. I wish this were an everyday thing.