COVID-19, Day 6

He keeps lying.

Yesterday, he said respirators were inbound. Then this:

BREAKING: The 500 million N95 air-filtering respirator masks President Trump said the federal government ordered could take up to 18 months to be delivered.

Yesterday, he promised that a hospital ship was being sent to New York City. Then this:

Breaking: The Comfort hospital ship won’t be able to go to NYC for weeks, @ChiefPentSpox says. Ship is in maintenance in Norfolk, Va., and Pentagon is now expediting maintenance

Today, he said a medicine that treats the virus would be available imminently:

Pres. Trump touts chloroquine, an old malaria drug, that doctors say may help treat novel coronavirus, claims it will be available “almost immediately.”

I believed this would be a lie, too. And a few minutes later, the FDA said it was:

FDA commish Stephen Hahn: The president has directed us to “take a closer look” at the use of anti-malaria drug chloroquine for possible use re the coronavirus, and “we want to do that in the setting of a clinical trial.” (Trump said it would be available “almost immediately.”)

Before he was even off the podium, his own FDA called him out for lying.

Despite this, media outlets keep running feel-good headlines about his promises, all of which are lies. And the markets respond accordingly, which is misleading. The whole thing is despicable.

And then there’s news that at least four GOP senators used insider knowledge to profit off stock sales prior to the market crash.

Who continues to vote for these people, and why?

There are no words to describe how frustrating it is to watch all of this play out.