COVID-19, Day 14

Friday! I still have a soft spot for Fridays even though they’re kinda meaningless at the moment.

Our kale and radishes have started to sprout. Didn’t even take a week! The kids were very excited. Tomorrow we’re tilling under our raised bed to get ready for planting in a few weeks. I’m also going to prep it with organic pest prevention stuff to avoid the squash bugs and Japanese beetles that wrecked our veggies last year.

We had some crazy-bonkers thunderstorms last night. Tornado sirens went off around 1:30, so we all headed down into the basement. Now everyone is super tired.

Miriam and I caught up with season one of Picard over the last couple of evenings, but we haven’t seen the finale yet. That’s our plan for tonight after the kids are in bed.

This is all to say that things are starting to feel pretty normal now. I think avoiding the news has helped provide an increased sense of normalcy. But when we take our post-lunch walk around the park next door, the yellow caution tape wrapped around the playground equipment serves as a strong reminder that something is still quite wrong.