A lot of people have been referencing the song Life During Wartime by The Talking Heads with regard to the current crisis. I suspect this has something to do with the idiot in the White House referring to himself as a "wartime president." Whatever.

That song is not the right song from their oeuvre. The song you're looking for is Nothing But Flowers.

It was a response to Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi, where she famously complained: "they paved paradise, put up a parking lot." While I don't care for the overt stance against a return to nature, the song definitely strikes a lot of chords given the current situation.

Once there were parking lots
Now it's a peaceful oasis

This was a Pizza Hut
Now it's all covered with daisies

I miss the honky tonks,
Dairy Queens, and 7-Elevens

And as things fell apart
Nobody paid much attention

I dream of cherry pies,
Candy bars, and chocolate chip cookies

We used to microwave
Now we just eat nuts and berries

This was a discount store,
Now it's turned into a cornfield

Don't leave me stranded here
I can't get used to this lifestyle