We’ve been avoiding ordering take-out since day one of quarantine. Even though we were exhausted today, I still advocated against it.

Sure, everything shows that this virus isn’t food-borne. You still have to wipe down containers, etc., to make sure you’re safe, which is burdensome. But it sounds pretty safe?

Honestly, it seems overly risky just to get an easy meal. I’d rather raid the freezer, which is what we did tonight.

GodDAMN I want some barbecue, though.

The flipside is considering what the workers have to go through. They show up, they prep food, they work in close quarters with other people, and they have no choice about working because CAPITALISM.

I don’t want to order food prepped by someone who’s working just to avoid missing rent–no one should be in that position. Our government should be covering the payrolls of businesses that are struggling because of the virus. That’s what some other countries are doing. Why can’t we do that, too?

At the same time, should I leave those people stranded? They need hours and tips, too.

I’m extremely conflicted about this.