COVID-19, Day 28

Our kids love the show Dragons: Rescue Riders. It's a Netflix show based on How to Train Your Dragon. Today, they discovered an episode about a rare virus. One of the primary characters gets infected, and the protagonists spend the episode hunting for a cure. When it was her turn to choose, our youngest watched it four times.

I guess I know what her mind is working on.

Please don't judge me for letting our kid watch an episode four times. We were occupied with packing and moving, a chore we have to finish by the end of the weekend (with no help–thanks, virus!). It's a self-imposed deadline, but it's real nonetheless, and we're determined to meet it.

I remember previous moves, like the one we made from Austin to Berkeley 10 years ago. I unloaded all of our stuff by myself into our new apartment in a couple of hours. Contrast that with today where I'm struggling to stay upright after a few days of moving some furniture and boxes around. I'm feeling my age. It sucks. Everything hurts.

I'm looking forward to next week when all of this is over and I can focus on anything but moving.