Thirty days feels like a milestone. It’s just days. But 30 is about a month, and we’ve all agreed that a month is a somewhat significant measure of time, so, milestone.

We’ve gotten out of our old house and, despite a state-wide stay-at-home order, we have multiple showings (yes, we’re selling our house) scheduled for tomorrow because people just can’t stay at home even though their safety depends upon it. Hopefully it’ll sell quickly so we can move on. Bluer pastures await.

We moved into a rental temporarily so we wouldn’t have to live in a place that strangers and their germs are traipsing through on a near daily basis. The rental is small with a nice layout, and it’s on the edge of an immense forested area. Feels like we escaped civilization for a cabin in the woods, which further intensifies the whole Walking Dead feeling.

We’ll spend the next few days settling in. After that, I’ll start looking for a new job. The company I was working for folded a little over a week ago.

When it rains, it pours.