COVID-19, Day 35

My kid's school sent home a packet of paperwork for her to do. We started working through it this morning.

It's utterly useless bullshit. She will be graded on it.

I tried my hardest to help her through it. She said it was entirely new. Her teacher hadn't started this work with them. She's unprepared and has no idea how to proceed.

I tried my hardest to help her work through it. She ended up in tears. I felt utterly inadequate.

The school didn't supply any of the curriculum to us. No help for how to teach this material. Just some papers and the blind hope that our kid would figure it the fuck out without any guidance.

This on top of weekly check-in Zoom meetings, weekly email check-ins, and copious amounts of online coursework through an app called SeeSaw.

I've had just about enough of this bullshit. We're very close to pulling her out of school entirely and declaring second grade done.

Also, this is the NEW learning plan, which was revised to simplify things after parents complained that too much work was being assigned.

More sensible states simply ended school for the year after quickly realizing that parents who work can't also double as teachers. Not ours.