Here’s how this is going to go:

  1. Conservative states will “reopen.”
  2. The virus will return. It’ll hit even harder than it did before.
  3. Deaths will spike.
  4. Lockdown will be reinstated.
  5. Eventually, people will give in and comply with the lockdown.
  6. We’ll get control of the virus and life will (sort of) return to normal.

The timeline: 12 to 18 months.

How could that be? Well:

  1. Humans are stupid, selfish creatures.
  2. History repeats itself.
  3. It’s already happening.

Take a look at the situation during the 1918 flu pandemic in San Francisco and Denver. Same thing happened then. Spoiled people demanded a return to normalcy before it was time. They paid for it. Eventually, they gave in and rode it out.

Also, check out present-day Hokkaido. Prime example of what happens when you open up too early.

We’re gonna be at this for a while.