COVID-19, Day 45

Missouri, Texas, Ohio, and Iowa have announced that they will ease their virus prevention measures between April 30 and May 15. I'm willing to bet–and bet large–that all four states will be hotspots by mid-June.

Meanwhile, New Jersey and the Bay Area have extended their stay-at-home orders. Nevada and Colorado have joined the Western States Pact to coordinate their reopening plans. So much for being united states.

We had to get some paperwork notarized today, which was nerve wracking–hard to properly practice social distancing while signing documents with a notary. On our way home, we drove past city hall. My oldest mentioned that she remembered going to a protest there. The day was January 21, 2017.

All the protests that happened that day were a warning. We tried to make the case that Trump was unfit for office and that one day he'd bring ruin to the country. His response to this virus is exactly the thing we were afraid of. And now it's here.

Thanks, Trump supporters.