Tara Reade’s Story About Joe Biden is A Test for Feminists – New York Magazine

Sarah Jones:

We’ll settle for Biden, and men like him, over and over; we’ll tell ourselves the conservative is worse, that at least the Democrat will make a woman his vice-president. We’ll eat scraps, and we’ll still go hungry, and all we’ll leave to our children is a political future only a little bit better than the present. Our grand prize? To clean up after men like Joe Biden. That isn’t power. It’s just women’s work.

I’ve been talking about this with friends lately, and this is the conclusion we all seem to have landed on. It’s depressing and awful and disgusting to have to vote for the least rapey candidate because he’s also the one who’s least likely to get you killed by slow-walking a response to a national crisis. But this is where we are.

Biden should withdraw, but he won’t because the bar has been set so low by Kavanaugh and Trump. He won’t feel compelled to bail out because those guys didn’t have to, so why should he?

There are no alternatives short of revolution and remaking the entire system. America doesn’t have the chutzpah for such change, though. Its courage has been buried under a mountain of fast food and Kardashian merch and cheap 60″ televisions and unpaid medical bills. People here have had their critical thinking skills systematically lobotomized by conservatives hell bent on keeping the proletariat stupid and uninformed. It feels like we’re sitting on a powder keg with a broken fuse.