COVID-19, Day 45

Missouri, Texas, Ohio, and Iowa have announced that they will ease their virus prevention measures between April 30 and May 15. I'm willing to bet–and bet large–that all four states will be hotspots by mid-June.

Meanwhile, New Jersey and the Bay Area have extended their stay-at-home orders. Nevada and Colorado have joined the Western States Pact to coordinate their reopening plans. So much for being united states.

We had to get some paperwork notarized today, which was nerve wracking–hard to properly practice social distancing while signing documents with a notary. On our way home, we drove past city hall. My oldest mentioned that she remembered going to a protest there. The day was January 21, 2017.

All the protests that happened that day were a warning. We tried to make the case that Trump was unfit for office and that one day he'd bring ruin to the country. His response to this virus is exactly the thing we were afraid of. And now it's here.

Thanks, Trump supporters.

COVID-19, Day 44

Sunday has become the day when I say, "Okay, adjustment period's over. Starting tomorrow, I'm getting back to normal. Exercise, eating right, structured days."

Five Sundays in a row and I still haven't managed to get back to normal. Maybe this time will be different?

[Narrator: It won't.]

Maybe just consider April a wash and start fresh in May?

Sunday 26th of April 2020

I’m not sure Anthony Fauci is a good person, either. On balance, his work to protect people is falling short of his placating of the president. You can’t play both sides in a situation like this.

COVID-19, Day 43

Here’s how this is going to go:

1) Conservative states will “reopen.”
2) The virus will return. It’ll hit even harder than it did before.
3) Deaths will spike.
4) Lockdown will be reinstated.
5) Eventually, people will give in and comply with the lockdown.
6) We’ll get control of the virus and life will (sort of) return to normal.

The timeline: 12 to 18 months.

How could that be? Well:

1) Humans are stupid, selfish creatures.
2) History repeats itself.
3) It’s already happening.

Take a look at the situation during the 1918 flu pandemic in San Francisco and Denver. Same thing happened then. Spoiled people demanded a return to normalcy before it was time. They paid for it. Eventually, they gave in and rode it out.

Also, check out present-day Hokkaido. Prime example of what happens when you open up too early.

We’re gonna be at this for a while.

Saturday 25th of April 2020

Strange question: in this time of quarantine, is anyone else craving meat? Like, ALL the meat? Is this an evolutionary response to stress and anxiety? I want BBQ in the worst way right now, and I’m usually 85% vegetarian.