Saturday 25th of April 2020

Okay, so, when exactly does the rest of the governmental apparatus step in and remove the guy who’s encouraging people to poison themselves? That seems like a thing that should be happening but isn’t.

COVID-19, Day 41

Distractions are getting harder to come by and I spend most days feeling like the world's worst school teacher.

We've started taking the kids to a park after lunch for a walk/run. No playground time; those are all closed. These outings have been a high point in my days, though. Fresh air, trees, sun.

Thing is, if I see other people, I have a visceral reaction to their presence. I see them as a threat, which seems like a bad way to perceive other human beings. I'm not sure if this is just garden variety anxiety or if it's something amplified by being in a place where I know people are purposely flouting the social distancing/mask rules because of their political affiliation.