COVID-19, Days 51 and 52

My oldest kid has started hissing at me. Things are getting weird inside the house instead of just outside.

Meanwhile, my dog looks like a mop.

On a positive note, the IRS’s website finally gave us a delivery date for our stimulus check, and it’s arriving this week. Yay!

I stopped by a convenience store yesterday to pick up one small item. I was the only person wearing a mask because Missouri. A store clerk got in my personal space despite my attempts to avoid him. There were signs posted all over about maintaining six feet of distance.

While checking out, a rotund, red-faced boomer and his wife walked in. They stopped near the doorway, and the guy made eye contact with me and then sorta shook his head before they both walked by me as closely as they could. Dunno if it was intentional, but there was ample space behind me that they opted not to use.

Anyhoo, this is all to say that I’m done going anywhere except for parks until this thing is over. Delivery or pick-up for groceries only, and if we don’t have something, we’ll do without until I can put an order in.