Why Trump refuses to wear a mask for coronavirus – Vox

BrieAnna J. Frank:

One man says: “It’s submission, it’s muzzling yourself, it looks weak – especially for men.”

I've never been able to understand men who are tied to masculinity in these ways. It's inscrutable bullshit. Masculinity in itself is a load of crap. Imagine being so insecure about which genitals you were born with that you had to resort to public displays of self harm to prove your chromosomal makeup to others. It's a form of cowardice, pure fear, plain and simple.

Also, muzzling? Does this guy go around routinely biting people? How is a mask a muzzle? This makes zero sense.

Anna North:

For Trump and Pence, not wearing a mask may be a way to project a macho image, Metzl said, playing into “tropes of indestructibility.”

No one is indestructible, which should go without saying, but, well, we aren't dealing with smart folks here. Doesn't matter how macho you are, either, since that's a social construct that has shifted so much in its definition through the ages as to be more of a trend than a concrete thing.

This all makes me so tired.

I wear a mask in public. My penis hasn't fallen off.