COVID-19, Days 63 and 64

Yesterday's WTF was delivered by an ice cream truck driving around doing its thing. In a close second was a family taking wedding photos in a park.

Hopefully today won't have any WTF moments.

To help with that, I've decided to stop reading the news, or to at least stop following it so closely. It's not benefitting me, and it's the same rinse-and-repeat stories day after day.

My wife helped bring me around. I was explaining to her my irrational anxiety about things:

"I feel like it's my responsibility [to read the news]. Like I need to know what's happening so, if the time comes that we need to leave [the country], we'll be prepared."

"But where are you going to go? Most of the world is experiencing a swing toward right wing authoritarianism," she said.

"And instead of planning for a hypothetical future, it would be more helpful for you to be here, present, for the family."