Boy. This week SUUUUUUCKED.

And then I read this:


Bear cubs and wolf pups. Why. Why do this.

Heartless, demented fucking jackasses. With everything that's happening, why prioritize this over everything else? The answer is simple: Trump's obsession with undoing everything the black president did.

In fact, this week has been all about Trump's (and to a larger extent, the GOP's) racism.

We've had some really bad weeks since this orange fucker took office, but this is the first where it really feels like there's no coming back. Pandemic. Depression-level unemployment. Mass civil unrest. Cities on fire. Racial tensions boiling over. A White House threatening citizens with violence for protesting. Attempts at voter disenfranchisement. The president wasting his time with an executive order about Twitter. Abandoning the WHO. Sanctions against China for made-up reasons. And a government that's doing absolutely nothing to help and everything to make things worse.

I'm not only blaming Republicans here. Democrats own this, too, albeit to a lesser extent, but still.

I don't feel like I can do much at times like this to help, but I donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund today. I hope it helps someone. Please consider donating.