COVID-19, Day 81

When the police didn't instigate violence, no violence occurred. So, whose narrative should we believe? The police, who said it was looters that caused a violent response? Or the protesters, who said the police were to blame? Seems pretty clear cut after last night.

In addition to a quiet night, more good news: Fauci says a promising vaccine candidate could be ready by early 2021. Only seven or eight more months to go! Which seems like a long time. And it is. But it's not two to four years. There's another vaccine in development in the UK on a similar timeline, so if this one from Moderna doesn't work out, there's a backup.

I spent a lot of yesterday worrying about my kids. I feel bad that they're having to grow up in the midst of so much awfulness. A pandemic, a collapsing government, a depression—this will be what defines their childhood and shapes how they view whatever future they grow up into. Assuming things get better, I hope the challenges they’re facing now make whatever challenges they face in the future seem trivial by comparison.