COVID-19, Day 85

I did a lot of stuff today. Mowed the lawn, finished work on a friend’s website, added a feature to a side project, did laundry, washed dishes (twice), sanitized and put away groceries, walked the dog, took out the trash, returned a bunch of library books, and removed a bird nest from our mailbox. I even cleaned the screens of all of my devices with a microfiber cloth.

Still feels like I didn’t do enough, which is weird, but I’m also exhausted?

I didn’t have to do a bunch of this stuff today. Could have just vegged on the couch with a bag of chips. But doing that–relaxing–is getting harder and harder. The best way to stay out of my head is to simply keep busy. It also prevents me from endlessly doomscrolling the news all day.

Trouble is, I’m running out of things to do.