COVID-19, Day 87

We’ve been watching the new season of Queer Eye in the evenings, and it looks like something from another universe. People out and about, buying clothes, having coffee, dining in restaurants–with other people around! Madness!

Meanwhile, an ice cream truck drove by our house today. Twice. I had to tell the kids no. Twice. They got regular ice cream from the freezer as a consolation prize, but I still felt like a jerk. And freezer ice cream isn’t the same as ice cream from a weird truck. It doesn’t even rank.

Very glad to see that the Marines and Navy are banning the Confederate flag. It’s a move that’s long, long overdue. Speaking of, I’ve been reading about anti-racism lately and decided to order How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. I’m hoping it helps with my own understanding of things and gives me ways to help my kids grow up not only to be inclusive but to actively resist racism.