COVID-19, Day 108

We’ve needed some work done on our car since before the pandemic really got rolling. Nothing major. Oil change, brakes, and a general checkup.

I called the local car dealership to see if they do pick up and delivery. I read that some places were offering this. The woman laughed when I asked, said she’d be happy to give me a shuttle ride home, but–as patronizingly as possible–we don’t do that.

So uh…fuck them. I get it if you don’t offer a service. That’s fine. But being condescending about someone being concerned about their health is a dick move.

I called another place, an independent shop, and they said they stopped doing that when the stay-at-home order was lifted. BUT. When I was about to hang up, the guy asked why I wanted pick up and delivery.

"Is someone in your house immunocompromised?" Part of me wanted to lie and say yes. I told him I’m just extremely cautious. He took down a list of what we needed done to the car and said that he’d figure out if there was a way they could do the pick up and drop off for us.

I was kinda stunned. Still am. The guy sounded genuinely concerned, and he absolutely did not have to be. Still some good people out there, I guess.