One hundred and ten days. A round number. Not that it has any significant meaning. But it’s round and a factor of 10 so the mind treats it differently.

Get a load of this graph:


That upslope is unfathomable and, put alongside the graphs of other countries, shows the utter failure of both our government and our citizenry. The government failed to help the people, and the people failed to help each other.

In any reasonable society, the government would act to stop the spread of a pandemic. In any reasonable society, those in charge would be held accountable for the malfeasance that produced the graph above. In any reasonable society, wearing a mask to protect others wouldn't become a badge of political affiliation and thereby a reason to hate someone.

The United States is not a reasonable society. It is an embarrassment. A failed state. I am finding myself, once again, ashamed to call myself an American.